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Real Food in Quinte West

Know what's a crying shame? That south of the 401, in that other county, you can't swing a dead coyote without hitting a roadside farm stand, or a restaurant featuring locally-grown produce. North of the 401, real food is a little harder to find. We've been on the prowl for fellow regenerative growers since we moved here in 2019, and we've found a few gems.

There are lots of farmers growing good food in the area, but we're very selective when it comes to who's listed here. Growing organically, and sustainable farming is admirable, but are not enough. The farms we trust are the ones working actively to regenerate the land by building healthy soil, encouraging biodiversity, nurturing healthy ecosystems, propagating native species, and breeding plants and animals suited to our land and climate. We also prefer to support farms who do not drive down food prices by using seasonal agricultural workers.

You can find regenerative farms in Ontario which open to the public on this Google map.

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