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Eating is an agricultural act

Every time you buy food, you're casting a vote for what you want to see more of on the shelves. Every dollar you spend at a chain supermarket leaves our community forever, but every dollar you spend at a local business may well come back to you soon.


Eating real food is a journey, not a destination. Along the way, we learn new ways to cook, how to eat with the changing seasons, and new foods we love.

Here are a few resources to help you find & use real food in Quinte West & area.

Down, down, down the rabbit hole...

Our real food journey started when we lived in the Big Smoke, buying a Community Supported Agriculture share from Twin Creeks Family Farm. Every spring we'd be reminded that real food actually tastes like food. We'd get vegetables we'd never tried before, cuts of meat we'd never cooked before, and a lot more of things we usually only had a little of (hello, beets). Chef Google helped us learn to use them. Through this, we discovered we loved things we never would've bought at the store - like spicy greens, lamb shank, squash, & pork butt.

This led to buying whole, half, and quarter animals, and learning to use all the parts. We started growing the things we wanted more of in little garden plots in neighbours' yards. We started canning, curing, drying, and fermenting to stretch our harvests over the winter. We have yeast cultures living in our fridge. We started saving seeds. We started cutting out the middle-men who make more than the farmers who do all the work.

Then we bought a farm.

So yeah, we're pretty far down the rabbit hole.

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